Enabling next-gen battery intelligence

with ultra-low power trace gas sensors 

Discover LiCANS 

Today, lithium-ion batteries are prone to thermal runaway failure. This is a problem that will continue to compound in the coming decade, due to increasing power and energy density requirements needed for electric vehicles (EV) and grid energy storage. Consequently, there is an imminent need for new enabling sensors and systems that can ensure battery performance, reliability and safety, where existing technologies (temperture, voltage and current sensors) are deficient. At Serinus Labs, we are addressing this critical problem with LiCANS. LiCANS is an integrated gas sensing system based on our proprietary ultra-low power gas sensing technology. Lithium-ion batteries are known to vent certain gases in trace quantities well in advance of potential failure. LiCANS can sensitively sniff out these trace gases providing actionable intelligence for optimizing battery performance and enhancing safety. By equipping every lithium-ion battery pack with LiCANS, we aim to augment existing battery monitoring sensors and push trace gas venting as a critical but undervalued state of health (SOH) monitoring parameter, on a broad scale.